With This Easy Copy Cat Recipe You Can Make Pizza Hut Breadsticks in Your Own Kitchen

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Supper Ideas – Skip the Restaurant Crowd & Stay In Instead With This Copy Cat Recipe

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with new supper ideas recipes for our Sunday dinners with my husband’s extended family. He has a large family and every Sunday they gather at our house for dinner and games and for a while we’d been having a variation of the same thing: some sort of roast, mashed or roasted potatoes and steamed veggies. But when I saw a recipe for these copy cat Pizza Hut breadsticks I was inspired to shake things up.

That very next Sunday we’d have a family pizza party. I went to my husband with the suggestion and he agreed that the whole family would love the change of pace—after all, who can turn down pizza?

First, I looked for a quick and easy pizza crust recipe to make. I make a few batches of that in advance and stored it my freezer until we needed it. I stocked up on all the classic pizza toppings—marinara sauce, lots of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and tons of chopped veggies.

Then for the best part. For a family of carb lovers no trip to a pizzeria is complete without breadsticks and Pizza Hut has our favorite. So I was more than excited to try new supper ideas with this recipe. And it was hands down the favorite part of our pizza night—a crowd favorite!


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