Love Starbucks But Hate The Price? This Copy Cat Frappuccino Recipe Is For You!

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Starbucks Coffee – Your Wallet Will Thank You For Skipping The Drive Thru & Making This Tasty Frap At Home!

My college roommate and I bonded quickly for being complete strangers when we first moved into our dorm room freshman year. We had plenty in common—a love of ready and rom coms, an affinity for math, a strong dislike of seafood and the “cool kids”—we were destined to be friends. But perhaps the most important part of our initial bond was our need for a strong cup of starbucks coffee to get us going in the morning.

We quickly got into a routine of stopping by the school cafeteria to grab to a to go cup before hitting our first class. Back then before babies and careers 8AM seem unnecessarily early to start our day (ahh to be young again!) so we reveled in our steaming cups of the good stuff.

And it was my freshman year in college that this same friend introduced me to the coffee wonder that is Starbucks. As hard to believe as it is my hometown didn’t have one so my first trip there was pretty mind blowing. For the first few trips I kept getting new things on the menu—it was all so tasty.

But then I had my first Frappuccino and there was no looking back. I was hooked on the sweet, coffee concoctions! My wallet though—not so much. Thank goodness this copy cat recipe of starbucks coffee can come to the rescue.


Quick tip: If you don’t have espresso very strong brew coffee works just as well.

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