This Spicy Pasta Recipe Has The Perfect Amount Of Spice, Sweetness, And Flavor!

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Like A Little Heat? Make This Delectable Pasta Dish For Your Next Dinner

If you don’t love pasta, then you must not be human! I love a big pot of al dente noodles smothered in some type of tomato sauce. I like my food a little spicy, too, so this Spicy Pasta recipe is one of my favorites to make for myself and my family.

Yes, even my little ones like the Spicy Pasta. It gives off a little heat, but it’s not unbearable. If you way too sensitive to spicy, then you can always tone down the sauce to your preferred heat level. I happen to think this recipe is perfect just the way it is though.

The original recipe comes from my mother, who learned how to make classic pasta dishes from her grandmother (my great grandmother). That’s probably why I like it so much – I’ve been eating this dish since I was a kid!

Admittedly, I’ve improved upon it a bit over the years as my palate has changed, but the classic ingredients are all still there. I think penne pasta is the best noodle for this spicy sauce. They pick up all the ingredients really well. However, you can always use your favorite noodle. Spaghetti, fettucini, or bow tie pasta all works just as well.


Quick Tip: Serve this pasta with garlic bread to soak up all the delicious sauce!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Archana’s Kitchen

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