The Special Frosting Takes This Cake To The Next Level

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The Fact That It’s Easy Is Just The Icing On The Cake (see what we did there?)!

This recipe is one of those that never finds itself too far down my recipe pile. It’s one of my go to desserts to take to parties and potlucks because it’s almost guaranteed to by loved by everyone who tries it. And I can still clearly remember the first time I tried (life changing!).

I had just moved to a new city. I was on my own with no friends or family to call to and was overwhelmed with unpacking and reorganizing my life. One evening as I sat amongst a pile of half emptied boxes and packing peanuts, my doorbell rang. Almost too exhausted to get up and get it, a second ring and a friendly “hello” from the other side compelled me to finally go answer it.

And when I opened the door a woman with the friendliest smile I had ever seen stood in front of my with this exact cake resting in her hands. She was there to welcome me to the neighborhood with her mother’s favorite carrot cake.

I invited her in and was so glad I did. I could immediately tell we’d be fast friends. And the carrot cake—oh my goodness—it was one of the best things I had EVER tasted.


Quick tip: You can bake this cake in two round pans—just lower the baking time to adjust for the reduced batter per pan.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Zamama Bakes.


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