Southern Comfort Food Just Like Grandma Used To Make!

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Tastiest Chicken & Biscuits Recipe To Ever Hit The Internet!

Oh, my, my! It has been a L-O-N-G time since I have tasted my Granny’s chicken and biscuits casserole, but I swear it looked just exactly like this one, right down to the seasoned drop biscuit topping. Now THAT was some real fine eating, right there!

I always wondered why everyone seemed to congregate at Granny’s house on Sunday afternoons – it wasn’t unusual to have not only the entire extended family seated around her massive dining room table, but also a whole host of hangers-on from the church, her social clubs and even a few strays that had just wandered in from the streets. Thinking back now, it must have been the smell of her cooking that drew everyone together.

This recipe, unfortunately was covered up and lost in the sands of time in my life, so when I saw this amazing replica that Amanda was offering up, knew that I had to collect it and name my own version after my Granny, just to keep traditions alive. That is how a cook’s legacy is made, and how they live on in the memories of those whose lives they graced, if only for a little while.


Quick Tip:  Try different types of cheese in the biscuits for a slightly different taste.

Recipe and image courtesy of Amanda at The Chunky Chef

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