Snickers Apple Salad – Side Dish Or Dessert? You Decide

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Who Can Resist A Fluffy Cloud Of Caramel Apple Deliciousness?

If you ask me nothing brings a meal together quite like the side dishes. I know, I know. When most people think of a good meal they’ve had their minds immediately go to the main dish—turkey on Thanksgiving, ham for Christmas or some burgers for the Fourth of July.

But think for a minute how blah those meals would be without the sides. Turkey without mashed potatoes and stuffing? No thanks! Burgers without potato salad and a heaping bowl of fresh fruit? I could pass. You see what I’m saying? Side dishes help make the meal feel complete. And, therefore, deserve their own moment in the spotlight.

That’s why I love bringing side dishes to pass at any party or get together my family and I attend. Everyone knows I make a mean green bean casserole and haven’t met anyone yet whose baked beans can hold a candle to mine. I love bringing a little extra flavor and texture to the meal.

And my most recent side dish obsession might just be my favorite one yet. It’s super easy (shhhh!) and has so many fun flavors that I know it’ll be a hit wherever I take it.


Quick tip: For an extra boost of caramel flavor in this Snickers apple salad, mix in a quarter cup for caramel ice cream topping—and drizzle over the top for an extra beautiful presentation.

Recipe and image courtesy of Kathleen’s Sugar and Spice.


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