This Is The Smartest Way To Cook Eggs We’ve Ever Seen!

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This Make Ahead Breakfast Is Both Tasty And Healthy—Have You Tried It?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to terms with a few things about myself that when I was younger I was bound and determined to change. Things like the fact that I’ll never lover all vegetables no matter how much I try them and I’ll continue to watch scary movies even thought I can’t sleep right for a week.

But the biggest “flaw” about myself I’ve finally begun to accept is that I will never be a morning person. I’ve tried going to bed early (like 8PM early), I’ve tried having a timed light come on to mimic sunlight, and I’ve tried placing my alarm out of my snooze-happy hand’s reach in the morning all to no avail.

Every day I still start out feeling like some half asleep zombie, barely managing to complete my morning tasks and help get the kids off to school. And making a big breakfast for everyone? Yeah, that’s just not happening. If I can’t make it ahead of time, it’s cereal for everyone as I try not to spill my hot coffee.

Fortunately, it appears there are others like me out there you appreciate a good make ahead breakfast recipe. Those are the goods folks who came up with this eggcellent breakfast idea!


Quick tip: This recipe is just a guideline—if you prefer other mix-ins than the ones listed add those instead. Just keep the quantity roughly the same for the amount of eggs.

Photo attribution and recipe courtesy of: Chasing the Firefly.

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