Secret Ingredients & Magical Techniques Make These The Best – EVER – Meatballs!

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I Had No Idea You Could Do This To A Meatball!

How many of you out there love meatballs? No, I mean really LOVE meatballs? They are one of my favorite things to eat, yet there are SO many ways they can go terribly wrong. I have had hard and overcooked meatballs. I have had meatballs that just fall apart when you try to eat them. Somewhere, in the middle ground, I knew that there had to the perfect meatball recipe. I believe I found it when I saw this absolutely perfect meatball recipe on Nagi’s blog recently.

There are some secrets that she has developed for creating the perfect meatball, which are shared in the Quick Tips, below. Make sure that you read both of them to learn these secrets. You will never make meatballs using any other techniques! Why? Because these meatballs are perfectly juicy, soft and flavorful – everything you want a meatball to be.

But the recipe doesn’t just stop with the meatballs! There is also an amazingly simple, yet rich, tomato sauce that they are served in. The extra boost of flavor is created when you cook your sauce in the same pan that you used to brown the meatballs, allowing the sauce to incorporate all the yummy little bits of meatball that get stuck to the bottom of the pan during browning.


Quick Tip:  The first secret to these meatballs is bread. Plain old white sandwich bread. No fancy panko breadcrumbs in these! The bread is soaked to soften it, where it then expands and disintegrates, but not before it has fluffed up the meatballs. Read the second Quick Tip to learn the unusual soaking substance. Other breads can be used, with the crust removed and torn into small bits. Even slightly stale bread will work. Panko crumbs can be used, just don’t expect soft, fluffy “perfect” meatballs!

Recipe and image courtesy of Nagi at Recipe Tin Eats

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