A Secret Ingredient Makes These Chicken Tenders The Best We’ve Ever Had

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These Are Exploding With Flavor—And Ridiculously Easy!

I feel that as a mom you’ve got to be really good at the whole give and take thing. Because kids—while wonderful—can also be a handful and sometimes things just don’t go as planned. No matter how many times you try. And I think we can all agree that reaching a compromise with a tantrum throwing toddler or moody preteen is better than giving in altogether.

I compromise all the time.. Despite years spent trying to get my kids to like vegetables they still save them for the very end of the meal—pushing them around and around as if that will make them disappear.  So I give them a choice of veggie. And I’ve come to realize that my daughter may just be the pokiest person on the planet, so I’ve learned to accept that being 15 minutes early for everything like I want to be just isn’t happening (ever).

We’re slowly working on the punctuality issue, but I’ve think I’ve got my dinner compromising skills down pat. If they’re in the mood for something particularly unhealthy I try to find a way to satisfy their cravings but with a healthy spin. This had led me to some surprisingly delicious recipes over the years.


Quick tip: If you don’t have honey mustard sauce you can coat the chicken in mayonnaise before coving in Cheez-Its, but the flavor will be slightly different.

Recipe and image courtesy of Plain Chicken.

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