The Secret Ingredient In These Cookies Makes Them The BEST Ever!

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You’ll Never Need Another Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe After Making These

I’m fairly certain every family has their go to chocolate chip cookie recipe. Whether it’s the one your grandma used to make, one you came up with all your own or the recipe from the back of a chocolate chip bag it’s the one that you turn to when you need a quick sweet fix.

And you love it.  To you it’s the very best.

But I’m here to tell you that you can forget ALL of those recipes. Like toss out the scrap paper it’s written on, forget the measurements and tell your grandma you’re sorry. A new cookie love is in town and you’re about to be all over it!

And if you don’t believe me I was in the same boat as you just a few short months ago. I made the same recipe my mom made for years, so when my friend told me to try this recipe I was definitely skeptical. In fact, I waited more than a month before actually giving it a try.

That was foolish to say the least. After I took the first bite of these chocolate chip cookies I was hooked. I kissed my old recipe goodbye and haven’t looked back since.


Quick tip: You can chill the dough for up to one day so this is great to make ahead. Just let it sit out at room temperature for a half hour to hour so that it becomes a scoopable consistency.

Recipe and image courtesy of Sugar Spun Run.

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