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Tender Meat Wrapped in Crispy Skin – Perfect for Any Summer Get Together

I have a confession to make: I’m not very good with a grill. I know how to use one, and I’ve done my fair share of summer cookouts, but I don’t think I could win any awards for my barbecue. I’m always a little disappointed in the way pork turns out, especially. The trick is to cook it low and slow, but it’s hard to keep the temperature regulated on a grill. Enter this recipe by, my new go-to for cooking up perfectly tender pork shoulder with amazing crispy skin.

This recipe is cooked in the oven, but you don’t lose a bit of that slowly grilled flavor thanks to a simple spice rub that goes on before. The pork is cooked for about 10 hours, long enough for the connective tissues to break down so that the meat shreds easily. But a final cook at a higher temperature gets you those crispy cracklings that scream “summer” to my taste buds.

A huge thank you to the creators behind this recipe at This incredibly juicy pork is easy to freeze, travels well, pleases any crowd, and can be used in dozens of ways. No kitchen can go without this recipe!


Quick Tip: There are two types of pork shoulder cuts that you’re likely to see in a store. Boston Butt is usually more expensive and will cook faster, so keep a close eye on it if that’s what you choose.

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