Pretty in Pink! This Punch Is Perfect For Any Party

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Downing A Glass Of This Is Way Too Easy—Especially On Hot Summer Days

Last year I found out my best friend was pregnant with her first sweet little baby and she asked me to help her plan the baby shower. Of course, I immediately agreed—I love to plan a party and planning one for her bundle of joy on they way sounded like heaven to me. Right away I started making a list of all the things we’d need and asked her to get together a list of foods and drinks she’d like to serve.

One day we got together to start finalizing details she surprised me by telling me the baby’s gender—they were having a little girl! And she wanted the shower to have all things pink so requested that I started brainstorming what we could do.

I was happy to oblige.  I knew pink cupcakes had to be on the menu (I have a terrific homemade strawberry cupcake recipe that everyone loves), a big bowl of watermelon would be perfect, and cookies were a no brainer.

When it came to a beverage to serve my mind went to a classic party punch recipe my grandmother always used to make. It would be absolutely perfect!


Quick tip: Make this an adults only punch by adding in ½ to 1 cup of vodka.

Recipe and image courtesy of A Sprinkle of This and That.

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