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Pork Loin Recipes – This Pork Roast Recipe Gets 5 Star Reviews From Anyone Who Tries It!

When we were younger my maternal grandparents always hosted extended family for the various holidays throughout the year. On any given Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter dozens of family members would make the drive to their home to celebrate the day. My grandma was an amazing cook and no holiday dinner was complete without one of her famous three dishes: honey ham, twice baked potatoes and her crusted pork loin recipes.

That last one was my absolute favorite, and I looked forward to it every time we got together. But as the years went on and my grandparents got older it quickly became apparent that unless we made some changes to our holiday traditions our poor grandparents just couldn’t keep up.

So those of us grandchildren who were old enough to take on some of the cooking got together and make a plan. We’d each learn to make one of grandma’s special dishes (and a few of our own) to contribute to our holiday dinners.

One by one the dishes were divvied out amongst us. And I got the honor of making Gram’s famous pork loin. This is now one of my go to recipes any time of year!


Quick tip: If you only have dried thyme and rosemary substitute 2 tsp of each.

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