Not Using Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey May Be Causing You To Lose Out On An Awesome Meal!

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How To Get One More Absolutely Free Meal Out Of A Bedraggled Thanksgiving Turkey

Now that everyone has completely gorged themselves on your abundant Thanksgiving feast, and you have sliced off whatever nice pieces of turkey you can salvage to make turkey sandwiches, what do you have left? I’ll tell you what! You have the makings of a nutritious and wholesome meal. So don’t toss that giant carcass into the garbage just yet, or you are throwing away a healthy treasure.

Set the turkey carcass aside while you clean up the rest of the meal. Now get your dishes washed and cleared away to make room for your next daring adventure in post-Thanksgiving cuisine. You are going to be making a comforting and wholesome turkey barley soup, using Karen’s delectable recipe!

Get a large pot or heavy-duty roasting pan that is big enough to hold your turkey carcass. You may have to break the carcass into smaller pieces to get it to fit in whatever pot you have available. Don’t worry about picking the remaining meat off the bones. When you have the carcass situated in the pot, cover it with water. If you kept the turkey giblets or neck, toss them in there, too (take them out of the bag first!).


Quick Tip:  Want another use for leftover turkey? You can use it as a substitute in just about any recipe that requires cooked chicken as an ingredient.

Recipe and image courtesy of Karen at The Food Charlatan

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