No-one Can Believe These Cookies Are Only 3 Ingredients!

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This Recipe Is Blowing Everyone’s Minds (In The Best Way Possible)

When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with my Easy Bake oven. I was amazed at how quickly all the treats came together (and how tasty they actually were!) and spent more time than I’d like to admit begging my parents to keep buying me the ingredients to keep up with my frequent easy baking binges.

So it’s not surprising that my mom started encouraging me to join her in the kitchen and give baking in a full size oven a try. We started simple with packaged cookie dough as I learned how to work the oven and keep myself safe from burns and then moved on to more complicated recipes. I can still remember how proud I was when I pulled my first perfectly golden pie out of the oven!

My love of baking grew from there and to this day nothing relaxes me more than stepping into the kitchen, busting out my mixing bowls and measuring cups and creating something delicious. However, there are still times when I want something quick and easy that I know will still turn out like a million bucks.

Enter these three-ingredient peanut butter cookies—one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever bake!


Quick tip: Use regular, store bought (not natural style or homemade) peanut butter for best results. This gives the cookies the best texture.

Photo and recipe courtesy of All Recipes.


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