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Who’re You Calling Chicken?

Imagine the Tuscany region of Italy. There are the cities of Florence, a hotspot for all things cultural and artsy, and Livorno, a bustling seaport city. But if you go away from the cities and travel to the inland regions, you will find a stunning countryside of gently rolling hills, covered with orderly olive groves and wild herbs growing everywhere.

The food of Tuscany evolved from “cucina povera,” or peasant food, simple but delicious fare. We tend to picture Italy as a place where pasta is eaten everywhere, but it is not that common in Tuscany, other than as an accompaniment. One characteristic of Tuscan cuisine is that you will rarely find onions and garlic combined in the same dish.

As simple food, there are no complicated sauces, no reductions to concentrate flavors, no heavy, complex seasoning – definitely no really elaborate dishes. Well, except for “annatra all’arrancia,” more commonly referred to as “Duck a l’Orange.” No, that dish was NOT invented by the French – it is thoroughly Tuscan!

Tuscany is also known for its unsalted bread. Without salt to act as a preservative, bread is only fresh only on the same day that it is made. This has given rise to dishes such as bread soup and bread salad, to use the leftovers, because wasting bread is just not done in Tuscany.


Quick Tip:  Make sure you get a good sear on all sides of your chicken before you remove it from the pan and start working on your sauce. This will ensure that it stays moist and juicy and will enhance the flavor of the final dish.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Recipes Heaven


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