New York Street Food Gets a Garlicky Twist in Your Kitchen

  • marinated chicken spidies

This Summer Favorite Is Easy, Light, and Fast

Have you ever been somewhere where the food was so amazing that you were sure you’d starve to death when you got back home? For me, New York City is that place. From the fancy dinner venues to the street food vendors, I can’t get enough of NYC food. I only get to visit once every few years, and I always pig out. One of the things I love is a sandwich called a chicken spidie, which is a bright, lemony chicken with tons of flavor, grilled on a skewer and then served on a toasty, buttery bun. It’s hard to beat that combination.

But the chef behind Jo Cooks came up with a way to make spidies that blew me out of the water. You add a garlic sauce, very similar to something you’d put on schwarma, and it just amps up all the flavors of this yummy New York City treat. Big thanks to Jo Cooks for sharing this great take on a classic favorite of mine so that I can make it in my own house. I will be eating this so many times in the next few months, I can hardly wait to make my family sick of them!


Quick tip: This New York classic is often served in summer, but you can enjoy it in the colder weather as well to get a bright note of summer in the midst of the winter.

Recipe and image courtesy of Jo Cooks

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