You Only Need A Single Seasoning Packet For This Delicious Mexican Dinner Idea

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Every Bite Tastes Like A Fiesta For Your Mouth!

Whether it’s hot or cold outside, I think every season calls for a good fajita night. Sure, I’ve had plenty of taco nights with my family. That’s all good and well, but adding a fajita night in the mix can change things up.

This Fiesta Fajita Recipe I have here is really simple to make, and it requires very little time in the kitchen. No, there’s no crock pot involved, but all you need is a few pans on the stove to heat up the ingredients.

In fact, it’s only fajitas after all, so you can add or interchange any toppings that you want in here. Want refried beans instead of black beans? Have at it! Would prefer corn instead of red peppers? Go for it! Then, you can get creative with your toppings.

I like to put out a full spread for my family. We use two types of shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro, avocados, and lime! I know, I spoil everyone. Make sure you pick up a pack of the small tortillas for serving. That’s the whole point of fajitas – you don’t want to fill a giant burrito tortilla. Make a plate of four little tortillas, and you can make each fajita different!


Quick Tip: Taco seasoning can replace the fajita seasoning, if you can’t find that at your local grocery store.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Eating Bender

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