Each Bite Of These Muffins Is Bursting With Flavor—You Need To Try Them!

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Muffin Recipe – Breakfast Has Never Been Brighter Than With These Sweet & Simple Muffins

As a kid I was absolutely obsessed with having Pop Tarts for breakfast. Literally every morning I’d make a beeline for the pantry, hoping with all my might to spy that telltale blue box. And my poor mother couldn’t stand it. She’d put so much effort into making us a homemade breakfast like this lemon poppy seed muffin recipe only to have me pick the most artificial breakfast treat on the planet.

She had the patience of a saint, I’m telling you.

Now that the roles are reversed, and I’m a mom to three little kiddos I struggle to be as patient and forgiving to my kids’ quirks. For example, my oldest loves soggy cereal more than just about anything else for breakfast. She poors her cereal and milk, goes and gets dressed and then comes back for the bowl.

And my two sons have pretty much no appetite for breakfast at all. If I can get them to split one of those packets of oatmeal in the morning or get down a few apple slices it’s a major win. So I’ve never been a big breakfast maker.

However, when my husband brought this muffin recipe to me with puppy dog eyes I knew I had to make it for him—and was so glad I did.


Quick tip: Add 1 teaspoon of lemon extract for an extra punch of lemon flavor.

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  1. Martha Tanner March 15, 2018 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    The directions say add lemon extract but that ingredient isnt listed. How much lemon ctract?

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