On The Menu Of Just About Every Restaurant – Here’s A Home-Friendly Version!

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A Hearty Improvement On A Timeless Classic

If you make a reservation at any restaurant that serves multiple cuisines on its menu, you stand a very good chance of being able to order this “specialty of the house” soup in addition to whatever other soups might be on the menu. How can a soup that is little more than a flavorful beef broth have become so incredible popular? Is it the onions? The giant crouton? Perhaps it is the melty cheese dripping down over the edges that we industriously scrape off with our spoons.

In spite of its unwavering popularity, French Onion Soups has never been one of those, easy-to-make soups that you could just whip up upon a whim. Until now, that is. Cathy has posted this awesome new recipe for French Onion Noodle Soup. This soup has the same delicious flavor profile or the original, but it replaces the giant soggy crouton with tender egg noodles. It takes the formerly one-dimensional broth and transforms it into a thick, hearty, and satisfying soup, packed with flavor and substance.

Equally at home as a cozy weeknight meal for two, dinner for an intimate family gathering, or as a first course when you have guests, this soup will capture the attention of everyone who tastes it. Those who already love French Onion Soup will recognize and welcome the familiar tastes, easily accepting the presence of noodles in lieu of bread.


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Recipe and image courtesy of Cathy at Lemon Tree Dwelling

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