How To Make Super-Moist Turkey Breast Without Fussing Around With Constant Basting

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How Even An Inexperienced Cook Can Deliver On A Thanksgiving Promise!

Thanksgiving can be very stressful, especially for those having a houseful of guests. If those guests are your in-laws, and this is your first time cooking for them? Well, honey, you are in a boatload of hurt! Cooking a big meal, and trying to get everything properly seasoned, cooked and put on the table at the same time is something that gives even experienced cooks nightmares. There are so many variables that can cause you problems!

But never fear, chickadee, Chelsea is going to take lots of Thanksgiving stress off your shoulders with her easy-to-duplicate recipe for turkey breast. The number one fear of anyone cooking a large bird is that it will not get done and they might serve a guest raw poultry. The second big fear is that, by giving so much attention to the first fear, they overcook the bird and now the meat is well-done and dry as a bone!

The trick is to cook your bone-in turkey breasts in your crock pot! If you want to cook a whole bird, borrow a crock pot to cook the legs, wings and thighs at the same time. If you are not confident butchering a whole turkey yourself, most markets have a butcher that would be happy to do it for you.


Quick Tip:  To successfully cook a frozen turkey, you have to plan ahead and let that big ok’ bird thaw in your refrigerator for several days prior to cooking it. For really large birds, this could take up to 3-4 days, because you need to allow 24 hours in the refrigerator for every 4-5 lbs. of turkey weight. If you are just thawing a bone-in turkey breast, it should only take a day or two to thaw out 4-7 lbs.

Recipe and image courtesy of Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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