Make These Scrumptious Bars When It’s Too Hot Outside To Turn On The Oven

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Looking For A No-Bake Treat To Satisfy Your Cravings On A Hot Summer Day?

Growing up in the south meant it was warm all year round, but the stifling heat of the summer was sometimes almost too much to bear. That meant we had a rule around our house—absolutely no turning on the oven unless it’s absolutely necessary.

That meant my parents did a lot of grilling and that we had to get creative with whatever we made inside the kitchen. And that our slow cooker and stove top were our best friends when it came time to get supper on the table. But where we struggled the most was filling the void of baked goods for our sweet-tooth filled family.

That’s when we started to collect no-bake recipes like this one to have on hand whenever a craving for a sweet treat hit. And, as it turns out, not only were these treats a lifesaver in the sweltering heat waves but they were also often easier and quicker than traditional bakes desserts!

That meant that we soon began making some of our favorites year round, whether or not we were in the hottest time of year. I think we can all agree that sometimes we just need that rush of sweetness as soon as possible, and treats like this one deliver just that.


Quick tip: These bars freeze really well, so you can make them in advance and just bring them up to room temperature when you’d like to serve.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Tip Hero.


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