Make A Big Bowl Of This Recipe To Pull You Through Those Chilly Nights!

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You Don’t Have To Be A Cowboy To Love This Cheeseburger Chili!

Remember this meal from when you were a kid? You might have grown up eating it, you might still eat it now, or you may have never heard of it before! For me, it’s a childhood memory! It’s been years since I’ve made it, and as soon as my husband came home the other day he just about jumped through the ceiling!

It’s such a simple chili that consists of nothing but beef, spices, macaroni noodles, and some tomatoes.  Yet it is as hearty and filling as can be!

I grew up calling it Cheeseburger Chili. Some folks know it by Cowboy Soup, Goulash or Poor Man’s Soup. Call it what you want, but make it! Because it’s super easy, very kid friendly and downright delicious.

When I make this Cheeseburger Chili, I prefer to cook the macaroni in a separate pot and then add it to the tomato mixture. This way, the noodles are perfectly cooked!  You can cook the pasta in the tomato-broth mixture, but you’ll have a thicker finished product on your hands. It’s like the noodles absorb too much of the both and become soggy.

I suggest keeping the noodles separate! This is a chili that anybody will love!


Quick Tip: A pinch of brown sugar in any soup or sauce is a great way to balance acidity from tomatoes.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Divas Can Cook

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