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Mac And Cheese – Delicious Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe How Tasty This Dish Is!

Skillet Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese. I’m pretty sure no prettier words have ever been spoken. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but there are just a few foods in this world that I can’t live without and this recipe happens to be one of them.

I first had it growing up when after school three days a week we’d go to my grandparents’ house because my parents weren’t home from work yet. My parents always felt guilty about this but my brother and I never minded—we loved spending time over there.

We’d get home from school and be greeted with whatever snack my grandma had whipped up that day (her chocolate chip cookies were the best ever) and then settle in to do our homework with the sound of them playing one of their favorite records in the background. I’m still a Patsy Cline fan to this day because of those afternoons.

And then once our homework was done and we’d burned off our snack we’d drift over to the kitchen to see what Grandpa was cooking up. He was an amazing cook, so we always knew it would be something delicious. But this easy dish was my favorite and is now something I make for my own family.


Quick tip: For extra cheeseburger flavor garnish with chopped dill pickle and red onion to taste.

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