Loaded Leftover Casserole – This Combo Will Have You Asking For More!

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This Dish Has Got It All – Literally!

Have you ever had a ton of left-overs from multiple meals? Everyone gets tired of having the same meal every single night, and you’re running out of ideas on how to make it taste different. You no longer have to fret, this casserole takes your leftovers and turns it into something magical!

Your mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and bacon bits will have a place to hang in this amazing dinner creation. Although the ingredients call for ground beef, leftover meatloaf is a perfectly acceptable substitution. It’ll get rid of your fridge contents, and your family won’t leave any of this to waste because of how delicious this is!

This casserole is super easy to assemble! As most casseroles are, you mix your ingredients together and voilà you’ve got a full course meal! Plus, the toppings on this special casserole will have your children begging for more.

This casserole has lots of variation. You can either use fresh ingredients if it is for a party/get-together, or leftovers if it is for your family. The type of meat, and type of starch can be alternated. It just depends on what you’ve got in the kitchen. The only thing you really need to follow to a tee is the ratio of ingredients!


Quick Tip: Remove from oven and let cool before serving.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of This is Not Diet Food


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