You Liked It As a Sandwich? Now Love It As a Casserole!

  • Reuben Sandwich Casserole

Easy, Ooey-Gooey, Tangy Goodness

I didn’t discover this sandwich until the mid-point of my life (yes, I guess I was a sheltered country bumpkin!), when I moved to a big city and a friend took me to a NY-style deli. I ordered a multi-cheese grilled sandwich and thought I was being quite bold. I got my order and sat down to wait for my friend.

She came to the table with this grilled sandwich that was unlike anything I had ever seen! Golden and crispy on the outside, slices of melting cheese and some unknown meat sticking out all around, a pinkish-orange sauce oozing from between the layers, and – gasp! – was that actually sauerkraut? It was! Eww!

But it smelled absolutely divine. My friend asked me if I had never seen a Reuben sandwich before, and asked if I would like to trade half of hers for half of mine. I’ll try just about anything once, so I did. OMG! The flavors and textures exploded inside my mouth! Salty and tender, sweet and creamy, crispy and sour, meaty and firm, cheesy and melty – I was pretty sure I was going to die right on the spot! I didn’t.

But it was an absolute mess to eat! I felt like I had Reuben sandwich smeared all over my face, and some was running down my arms. We went through a full container of flimsy napkins cleaning ourselves up.


Quick Tip:  Make sure that you get all of the liquid drained from your sauerkraut. Suggest wringing it out with your hands and then squeezing it out in paper towels. This will ensure your casserole doesn’t get soupy.

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