Lighter, Healthier & Just Maybe Tastier, Too!

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Same Great Taste, Just In Healthier Form

As anyone who knows me is aware, I love food. All Different kinds of food. But wave a noodle at me and I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth! Seriously, just look in your rear-view mirror, or out that airplane window – yep, that me, out there freezing to death, riding shotgun on the wing, waiting for you to land and tell exactly where you, and that noodle, are going for dinner that night.

So is it any wonder, at all, that one of my favorite dishes of all time is Beef Stroganoff? It was one of the dishes that I first mastered learning to prepare as a young foodie, and I still eat it regularly, today. But I’m definitely not quite as young as I once was. I have enjoyed quite a few trips around the Sun. So my ill-advised excesses of my younger years are starting to catch up with me. Yes, Virginia, ALL chickens do come home to roost, sooner or later.

So I have started seeking out lighter versions of my old favorites, done up in new ways. That is just what I found in Meggan’s sumptuous recipe for Chicken & Mushroom Stroganoff – all the familiar taste I regularly crave, but with an eye toward regaining my girlish figure.


Quick Tip:  Make this an even quicker weeknight meal and use pre-cooked chicken that you have prepared for another meal or buy a rotisserie chicken.

Recipe and image courtesy of Meggan at Culinary Hill

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