Learn How To Make This Simple Cream Sauce Without Any Hassle

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Creamy, Cheesy, and Loaded With Bacon – This Is The Only Way To Eat Pasta!

There are all kinds of crazy, out of the box, brand-new recipes out there for dishes we’ve never had before. When I’m looking through them all, I get excited to try them all in one day.

Sometimes, though, all I really want – sometimes all anybody really needs – is a really good, classic pasta dish. Enter: Creamy Italian Penne! This dish is packed full of everything I love when I’m having a rough day, or when I really just want some classic flavor combos over oodles of noodles.

Perfectly-seasoned chicken, spinach, and tomatoes. A creamy garlicky cheese sauce to carry the taste of each ingredient to every single part of the dish. Oh yes, and bacon! There’s nothing flashy about this pasta, but it’s everything I could want when I need a colorful, savory dinner at the end of a busy day. I’m betting you feel the same sometimes, so check it out and give my pasta recipe a try!

Delicious, heavenly, and when it comes down to it, pretty easy, to make too! I love that you only need one skillet to make this Creamy Italian Penne, and that it seems like it’d be easily adaptable to your family’s needs.


Quick Tip: You can use your favorite type of pasta for this yummy dish.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Tip Hero

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