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I’m a firm believe that party food shouldn’t be fussy food. You should have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen just to end up stressed out and exhausted before your guests even arrive. And you really shouldn’t have to be cooking while they’re enjoying themselves—you should be enjoying yourself, too!

To remedy this I’ve made it my mission to find as many quick and easy (and still delicious!) party foods as possible so that I never have to worry about what will be on my menu—and my guests don’t have to eat the same three things every time they visit.

Typically, for any event I host I try to stick to a golden rule of three to four savory dishes and two to three sweet ones to balance everything out. And they’re almost always foods that people can just serve themselves and enjoy. So when I saw this recipe I knew it would be a perfect addition to my list, and I filed it away for safe keeping.

A few weeks later we threw a birthday party for our oldest daughter, and I knew that these had to be one of the items on the menu.


Quick tip: You can now buy crescent roll dough without the perforations. This makes these even easier to prepare because you don’t need to pinch the seams together.

Recipe and image courtesy of In the Kitchen Where I Belong.

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