This Cupcake Recipe Has Been Taking The Internet By Storm

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Kids And Adults Alike Can’t Resist These Sweet Treats!

I’ll just be honest and say that I have a bit of a weird kid. I don’t feel badly saying this because he often says it himself—usually as he’s sitting at our kitchen table coming up with a new song to play on his drums or is outside carefully observing how ants move. He’s an eight-year-old so full of life and curiosity that I sometimes can’t believe I get to call him mine.

But aside from his varied and unique hobbies he also tends to have different ideas of how to celebrate his birthday than most kids. Instead of the usual balloon filled fanfare with a trip to the local pool thrown in for good measure he prefers to spend the day with his two best friends at our local library. They sit and read together and discuss what they’re reading.

It’s seriously the best thing ever.

And then when we come home to eat he never wants a regular birthday cake. Rather every year he picks a new and random dessert for us to try instead. This year he wanted chocolate. And after thinking a bit more he decided he wanted to recreate his favorite lunchbox treat.


Quick tip: For a filling shortcut pipe marshmallow fluff into the cupcakes—the taste won’t be quite the same but it will give the same effect. For the swirls on top create a thick powdered sugar glaze (milk and powdered sugar) and pipe on.

Recipe and image courtesy of Shugary Sweets.

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