Make This Simple & Flavorful Applesauce Right In Your Crockpot – Everyone Loves It!

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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes  – Experience the Joy Of Simple Pleasures With This Sweet & Easy Recipe

Growing up with my dad was a pretty unique experience. He was a creature of habit and, let’s just say, didn’t do well with change.  That’s not to say he wasn’t a great dad, but he sure did enjoy his routine. One of those routines? Certain meals on certain weeknights. Every single week. His favorite? Pork chops and my mom’s delicious crock pot applesauce, one of her healthy slow cooker recipes.

Yes, my father had an affinity for quoting  that now famous line from the Brady Bunch every time we had it. He thought he was hilarious! The rest of us? We tried not to roll our eyes. But without fail that was what we had every Tuesday barring it wasn’t a holiday, birthday or other special occasion.

And I have to admit that even though as a kid I thought the combination of meat and fruit was totally strange that as an adult I find myself craving this childhood meal more than almost any other. There’s just something magical about the sweet and savory combination of apples and pork that just works.

So as a special treat when my parents came to stay with my family and I a few weeks ago I decided to make them this classic dinner—complete with this delicious (and easy) applesauce, that is now one of my favorite healthy slow cooker recipes!


Quick tip: To save time you can leave the peels on the apples but the texture won’t get quite as smooth—this is perfect for those who love applesauce with a good chunky bite!

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