This Healthy Chicken Rice Casserole is Decadent Without the Guilt

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Easy, Cheesy, Healthy

What does everyone want when they are feeling down? Cheese loaded comfort food. You know I’m right! This recipe will make your day better in an instant. The yummy cheddar will make you forget you are actually eating a pretty lean dish, and will make you feel like you are back at home.

This casserole is perfect for when you are feeling stressed because you get the comforting flavors of a unhealthy food craving, but without the guilt of indulging in thousands of calories. What makes this casserole healthier is the broccoli and rice.

There is also no cream based soups in this casserole, like many of the classics. This will cut down the fat and will not have you feeling heavy after you eat this meal. Most casseroles I’ve bakes have had lots of butter, cream, and cream based soups which leaves your stomach loaded.

If you are not only worried about your own health, but also the health of your family, it is a great recipe for a dinner. It is perfect because everyone will be eating healthy, but the kids will not even have a clue. This dish will definitely be a hit in your household, and on your stomach.


Quick Tip: Swap rice for quinoa or chicken for beans if you want to make your own dietary variation on the casserole.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of Well Plated


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