Hands-Down the Best Steak I’ve Ever Had – Period

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A Summer Grilling Classic Gets a Tasty Update

Just because grilling season is almost over doesn’t mean I’m not still finding ways to get out there for dinner. There’s something about the way meat and fire come together – it’s a beautiful thing. Everyone who grills has their own favorite steak recipe, down to the exact number of hours for the marinade and the exact heat on the grill. For years, I’ve been struggling to nail my “go to” recipe down for steak. It needed to be something not too complex, because I want the flavor of the meat to shine; but it also needed to be something a little unique and exciting, because if I’m going to be grilling steak, I want it to be a star!

This recipe by Diethood may just be the recipe I’ve been hunting for. The cooking process itself is like cooking any other steak, so you don’t need to learn anything new there. But the marinade is what cranks this steak up a notch. Unique ingredients that are still easy to find, are combined in a way that I never would have thought of. The result is something truly delicious. I’ve been dreaming about this steak since the first bite, and I know I’ll be making it again.


Quick tip: Don’t worry about feeding this recipe to minors; the alcohol cooks off during the grilling process.

Recipe and image courtesy of Diethood

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