How To Get Dinner Out Of A Versatile Breakfast Recipe

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Now You Can Have A Complete Breakfast Baking In The Oven Without Even Waking Up!

Okay, you wake up in the morning and you are in the mood for ham & cheesy hash browns. So you stumble to your kitchen, barely awake and start rummaging through the refrigerator. You find the ham steak you bought last week and some cheese. It is about the time that you pull the hash browns from the freezer that you realize the one critical flaw in your breakfast plan: You don’t exactly know how to make ham and cheesy hash browns! Too bad you weren’t awake enough to search on the internet and find POOBOO’s easy baked ham & cheese hash browns recipe!

Well, your sleep-fogged brain reasons, just how hard could this be? You find a skillet hiding in the bottom of your cupboard. Hmmm….now what? Do you spray the pan? Put some butter in it? How much? Then what goes in first – is it the ham? You’re supposed to cook meat, especially pork, really well, right? You know you heard that somewhere. Ham is pork, isn’t it? Drat! Why is it SO hard to think in the morning?

Now the ham is cooking. You decide that the potatoes should be poured on top of that. Ripping open the bag seems to require super-human force, right up until that minute it explodes open and hash browns go flying all over your kitchen!


Quick Tip:  Put this casserole together the night before and keep it, covered, in your refrigerator. The next morning, just pop it in the oven before you even make your coffee. By the time you get yourself showered, dressed and fully awake, breakfast will be ready.

Recipe courtesy of POOBOO and image courtesy of Kimberly Asha at AllRecipes

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