These Festive (And Easy!) Treats Are Perfect For Every Holiday Party

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This Fun Recipe Will Become A New Holiday Tradition

I swear every year goes by faster than the one before it. It happened so quickly, the speeding up of time, that I hardly noticed it until all of a sudden my little babies weren’t so little anymore. My youngest is six years old! And I have a teenager! Some days I wonder if I did enough to enjoy the time we had together before they were so wrapped up in school, friends, and (gasp) even boys.

And every year as we get closer to the holidays I try even harder to slow down and take the time to just enjoy the season instead of worrying about whether it’s perfect or not. I’ve given up trying to make dozens of types of cookies and candies like my mother (I swear she had magic powers), taking the perfect Christmas card, or having the house perfectly tidy and decorated for guests (a little dust never hurt anyone).

And you know what? I’m so much happier for it. I feel like I’m actually participating in the holiday season instead of viewing it from the outside as I stress myself out about whether or not I’ve gotten my mother in the law the perfect gift.

And we’ve started new family traditions. Like making these adorable treats!


Quick tip: You can store frosted cupcakes in the freezer for up to one month. To thaw leave at room temperatue overnight—do not thaw in microwave.

Recipe and image courtesy of One Little Project.

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