This Festive Dessert Will Be The Star Of Your Christmas Cookie Spread!

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To me there’s no better time of year than the holidays. The time spent with family, the music, the lights! It’s all so magical. I look forward to them every year and am always so sad to see them go.

I’ve got quite a few holiday traditions that I keep up with my family. One of them being a cookie swap with out next door neighbors. They’ve lived next door to my husband and me for the past 25 years and we’ve become really close friends. And as all our children got older and more independt and eventually flew the nest we’ve gotten even closer.

So about five years ago after our last child had just moved away from home, Nancy and Steve invited us over to help us forget our empty nest for a little while. We talked and laughed over platefuls of cookies we both made to share with each other.

Nancy is a phenomenal baker and one of her goodies in particular was so delicious I could hardly stop myself from eating the whole tray. At the end of the night I told her we needed to make this an annual tradition, so that we could have those sweet treats every year.


Quick tip:  These would be equally festive if you made them with a spice cake mix and omitted the peppermint extract.

Recipe and image courtesy of Mr. Food.

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