Fall-Off the Bone Crockpot Ribs

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Crockpots make everything much simpler.

Crockpots are the best gift you can receive when moving into a new household. It makes dinner preparation super easy because you don’t have to keep an eye on the food until the beeper goes off. It makes the busy college student and the bustling mother’s lives much easier.

This amazing recipe, courtesy of The Rising Spoon, gives you a great classic rib dish with the ease of a crockpot assembly. These ribs are fall off the bone tender, and makes enough for meals later in the week as well. Crockpots are a great way to make not only good meat recipes, but also soups and stews.

This recipe takes less than ten minutes to prep and assemble into the crockpot. Perfect if you don’t have time to put together a large meal. You can start this meal in the morning, go about your busy day, and come back to some gorgeous and hearty ribs.

Being that it is in a crockpot, it really takes no skill to make these taste great. The rack of ribs come as they are, and all that needs to be done is make the homemade barbeque sauce that adds all the flavor necessary in this dish.


Quick Tip: Cooking time may vary depending on crockpot size and rib size.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of The Rising Spoon


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