What Everybody Ought To Know About Facing Thanksgiving Alone….

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How To Turn A Lonely Thanksgiving Into A Special Treat, Just For You!

Everybody loves Thanksgiving, right? What’s not to love about an annual gathering of family and friends, to celebrate all they are thankful for, before devouring a veritable feast, then entering tryptophan-induced comas and snoring in front of the TV as they sleep their way through the college football games? Sound like your type of Thanksgiving?

I often spend the holidays alone. There are a lot of us who do, either by choice or happenstance. To me, they are just like any other day. I don’t usually cook myself a big Thanksgiving feast, because it seems like a huge waste of time, effort and ingredients just to feed myself, and then have to deal with leftovers for weeks, or freeze everything that can be frozen. But when I found Ingrid’s incredible recipe for Orange-Honey Glazed Turkey Breast, I knew I had to try it.

Speaking of freezing things, I once asked my best friend if I could freeze milk. She gave me her now infamous (in our circles, anyway) response, “Girl, if they can freeze Walt Disney, you can freeze milk.” It very rapidly became a standing joke with us, and I would call her up out of the blue and ask her if I could freeze some particular ingredient or entire dish. That was over 30 years ago, and it still makes me laugh today!


Quick Tip:  Why are they called Herbs de Provence? This mix of herbs is considered typical of those used in the cuisine of the Provence region of southeastern France. They go well with chicken, beef, pork, fish and salads. Oh, and turkey!

Recipe and image courtesy of Ingrid at The Cozy Apron

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