This Epic Cake Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away!

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You’re Gonna Need To Bust Out The Stretchy Pants For This One…

My husband and I have a predicament. We both love to bake and hate to cook. That’s mean we never have a shortage of sweet treats lying around the house (even if my skinny jeans wish we would) but are constantly debating whose turn it is to make dinner. And all too often we rely on frozen pizza or other ready mady dinners to tide us over.

In fact, we’ve actually turned cooking dinner into a competition just to motivate ourselves to cook it. Whoever can’t stick within the 45 minute time limit loses. So far I’m up 8-6!

But I digress. If there is one good thing about having to baking lovers in the house it’s that we love going out of our way to make special treats for each other on our birthdays. In fact, we both start asking for ideas and brainstorming recipes long before the big day actually rolls around! This way we can be sure that whatever we make each other will be something they love.

My husband adores the peanut butter and chocolate combination. His favorite thing to make are his famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. So for his most recent birthday I used that to inspire this epic cake.


Quick tip: If you don’t want to make a layer cake bake in a 9×13 pan, skip the filling and just cover with the peanut butter frosting and peanut butter cups.

Recipe and image courtesy of Double the Deliciousness.

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