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  • veggie-loaded breakfast casserole

But Mom! We Never Eat Veggies for Breakfast!

Now THIS is one delicious and incredibly versatile recipe! I can always count on Marzia to come up with the perfect, tasty recipe that I’m looking for! Just look at all of those veggies! Don’t they make your mouth water? To me, this would be one breakfast that I would gladly leave the warmth and comfort of my bed to eat.

But the versatility is one of the best features about this particular recipe. Not only can you prepare this strictly vegetarian version, but you also can add in your favorite meat and you can change out the cheese. How about bacon? We all know bacon goes with everything! Ham and Swiss? Ooh, how about salmon and smoked Gouda? Now that would be one tasty casserole!

The versatility doesn’t really end with the literally hundreds (thousands?) of combinations you could make (don’t forget, you can vary the mix of veggies, as well). Just think of how you could use this recipe for different applications and occasions. Yes, it makes a perfect breakfast. But wouldn’t it be just as wonderful for a ladies’ brunch? Dinner for your family on a hectic weeknight? Your church social? Family potluck? Your next poker night with the guys (yes guys, I know you cook, too!)?


Quick Tip:  If you decide to use any meat protein, make sure that you brown or sauté it before adding it to the casserole, as the baking time is not long enough to cook it thoroughly. You would not have to cook fish before adding it, just break it up into small chunks before adding it in.

Recipe courtesy of Marzia at Little Spice Jar, photo courtesy of lisafoughtfitness.com

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