These Fantastically Tasty Cookie Bars Will Leave You Drooling

  • Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Bars

Fact: Cookie Bars Are Greater Than Cookies. Less Time To Prep, More Time To Eat!

My sister and I have a monthly tradition that we’ve been maintaining since we went to college a few hours away from each other. We get together on a Friday night to bake up a sweet treat and then enjoy the fruits of our labor while watching a cheesy romantic comedy. We’ve now been doing this for over 10 years and I still look forward to it every month.

Fortunately, we now live within a half hour of each other. This makes it a lot easier to still fit this monthly ritual in even though we now have families of our own. Plus, we now get to experience the fun of sharing this tradition with our daughters. They both took to baking right away and look forward to getting together just as much as we do.

Our most recent baking and movie night came with a simple request from my niece: the dessert we made needed to include peanut butter in some way. Because we all love peanut butter (and she’s an incredibly adorable six year old) we all were happy to comply with her request.

These bars were the dessert we made that night, and they have quickly become our new favorite treat.


Quick tip: If you have kids with peanut allergies another nut butter—like almond butter—can be substituted. The texture may be a little drier when baked, though.

Recipe and image courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie.

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