This Is The Perfect Dinner For When Company Is Over – Impressive, Delicious AND Can Be Made Ahead of Time!

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Easy Pasta Recipes – This Is One Dish That No One Can Pass Up – Try It For Yourself!

My family has an odd tradition for Christmas dinner. Instead of tucking into a turkey or ham dinner with all the trimmings we simply have a big ‘ol pan of lasagna and my grandma’s homemade garlic bread. And the weirdest part? We’re not even Italian! Honestly, I have no idea how the tradition started. But it’s been going on for decades with the only change being the one time my grandma made these Lasagna Rolls – one of her Super Easy Pasta Recipes.

You would have thought she’d gone out and bought a turkey the way the family talked.  They couldn’t believe Gram would up and change tradition like that. And by and large most of the family was convinced that these newfangled lasagna rolls could never even come close to as delicious as her regular lasagna was.

So there was some tension in the air as we all sat down. Our first few bites of the new Christmas dinner were taken in silence. Everyone was forming their own opinions on this culinary holiday intruder.

My uncle was the one to speak first. He was tentative but admitted that the rolls were, in fact, pretty tasty. Soon others were nodding in agreement.

Then my grandpa made the boldest statement of them all: he said the rolls were even more delicious than Gram’s traditional lasagna – you can’t go wrong with easy pasta recipes.


Quick tip: This can me prepped the night before and just baked the day you’re serving. Prep everything up to the point of putting the rest of the sauce and cheese on the rolls. Store in fridge until ready to finish assembling and bake.

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