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This Is The Perfect Recipe For All Special Occasion Breakfasts

In recent years my home has become the hub for all holiday get togethers. My mother and father previously held that honor but as they got older they decided to downsize into a small apartment and that it was their turn to just enjoy the holidays—not get caught up in all the work of them. So as the oldest child I was volunteered to carry on the traditions at my house.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not really one who loves to throw a party. Sure I don’t mind having a few people over now and then but extended family that stays overnight and needs to be fed multiple meals? Yeah, that’s a whole different ball game.

The first holiday I hosted was Christmas, which meant my sister and brother and both their families would be staying at my home and that my parents would be their bright and early Christmas morning until the evening. So I had to have all my meal bases covered.

I enlisted the help of my sister and brother with dinner and snacks but kept breakfast to myself. I had found a recipe for an easy breakfast pizza I wanted to try that turned out fantastic. Quick, easy and oh so delicious!


Quick tip: Use your favorite breakfast meat for this easy breakfast pizza—sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, etc. Or a combination of favorites.

Recipe and image courtesy of Coupon Cravings.

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