Let These Oodles of Beefy Noodles Take You To The Land Of YUM!

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You’ll Have ‘Em Russian to Dinner When You Fix This!

Recipe creator Justine has this to say about her recipe. “Super simple to make, creamy, and total comfort food that even my kids love.” You couldn’t ask for a more ringing endorsement. Kids can be very picky eaters as their taste buds are maturing. If kids like a recipe, consider it a “keeper!”

I remember my early days in college. I guess I looked old for my age, or maybe the legal system wasn’t quite up to checking the ID of every young gal who wanted to buy a bottle of wine. I never had a problem walking out of the market with a bottle of wine tucked amongst my groceries.

I was hooked on White Zinfandel in those days, and I would use it in making the sauce for my beef stroganoff, which is one of my all-time favorites. It came to be a favorite of my roommates and friends, too. Stew meat was inexpensive and noodles were practically free. We ate this at least once a week. Maybe the wine had something to do with it!

This is a hearty, filling comfort food. Although it originated in Russia in 1891, when a French chef entered it into a cooking contest there, it is now appreciated (with interesting variations) all over the world.


Quick Tip:  Although this recipe doesn’t call for wine, it could be easily added, and I feel that it can really enhance the flavor. To make this dish with wine, replace ½ cup of the beef broth with ½ cup of your favorite wine. DO NOT ADD THE SOUR CREAM WHILE MAKING THE SAUCE – it can easily curdle and separate, due to the acidity of the wine! Wait and add it after cooking, stirring it in right before serving.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Justine “The Typical Mom” at temeculablogs.com


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