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You’ll Fall For This Easy-To-Prepare Meal

I have never been a great fan of pork chops. I think it goes back to my childhood, when they were a regular part of my mother’s dinner menu rotation. She only knew one way to cook them, which was pan frying them. I believe that her own mother must have drilled into her the dangers of eating undercooked pork, because she always fried them to the point that they resembled nothing so much as greasy shoe leather. Is it any wonder I don’t often eat them today?

Which really is a shame, because I like the taste and texture of pork, when it is properly prepared. I fix pork tenderloin roasts quite frequently. So when I came across this creamy and delicious recipe of Judith’s, it made me sit up and take notice. As Judith says, “You’ll be surprised how the addition of a little rosemary makes these pork chops into a restaurant-quality meal.” Well, rosemary and some creamy ingredients.

This is my new go-to pork recipe when I want to fix a hearty and substantial meal for family or friends. I think they would go well with scalloped potatoes, some crack broccoli and a nice bottle of blush wine.


Quick Tip:  As a rule, whenever you need to substitute dried herbs for fresh, you use half the amount of fried herbs as is called for in the recipe for fresh herbs.

Recipe courtesy of Judith at The Midnight Baker, image courtesy of 12 Tomatoes

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