This Chocolate Cake Will Blow Your Mind—It’s Too Good To Pass Up!

  • Double Chocolate Bundt Cake

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Chocolate—This Cake Proves It

My nephew turned five a few weeks ago and I got the pleasure of preparing all the food for the Disney themed party. My sister and brother in law had their house covered head to toe in decorations, had Mickey Mouse playing on TV, and even had sets of ears for all the kiddos that came over. But if you ask me that all paled in comparison to this stunning double chocolate bundt cake.

And the funny thing is this cake almost didn’t happen at all. I had grand plans of making an elaborate Mickey Mouse and friend’s cake complete with fondant, multiple layers, and more frosting colors than you could count. But as my luck would have it I ended up being called into work the night before the party and my leisurely evening of baking turned into a midnight cake session.

I called my sister and explained the situation and she reassured me that any cake would be just fine. Then reminded me of how much my nephew loved chocolate. So I cracked open a cookbook and started searching for something simple that still seemed special enough.

That’s when this stunner caught my eye. And it was a hit!


Quick tip: Make a vanilla version of this cake with a white cake mix, vanilla pudding mix and white chocolate chips.

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