Don’t Drive to a Mexican Restaurant—Make This Dish Instead!

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The layers Of Flavor In This Dish Make It A Fiesta In Your Mouth

When it comes to dinner recipes i almost always gravitate towards chicken. It’s always been my go-to protein in everything from casseroles to pasta dishes and everything in between. S owhen my hubby announced to me that his protein of choice is beef  I knew I would have to get creative with my chicken dishes to help convince him that good ol’ chicken was really the king of supper time.

Fortunately, a few weeks ago I attended the baby shower of a dear friend of mind and was able to test and taste my way through no less than five awesome chicken recipes (maybe it’s a women thing??)—and nary a beef dish was in site.

As we sat down to eat—our plates loaded with all the food they could handle—and prepared to play some party games while we ate one dish in particular caught my eye. Chicken, tortillas and green chiles appeared to be the stars of this dish and to say  Iwas excited to try it would have been an understatement.

I sampled the other dishes first—and they were good—but I knew I would have to find something great to sway my beef-loving husband. And then I tried the last dish on my plate.


Quick tip: Add a can of salsa verde to the casserole if you can’t find green enchilada sauce.

Recipe and image courtesy of Gourmandize.

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