Easy Chocolate Mousse Does Exist – Here’s The Recipe!

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Dessert Recipes – Simple & Stunning Are The Two Best Words To Describe This Dessert

Once a month my company hosts a lunch time potluck. Typically it’s the last Friday of the month, and it inspires a real sense of community and friendship in the office. We’re a small group—roughly 40 people—so over the years we’ve gotten pretty close. These pot lucks have let us share favorite family recipes, swap cooking tips and more. And it was for one of these pot lucks that I made one of my easy dessert recipes.

It wasn’t my first choice to contribute to our monthly meal but was more a last minute addition due to necessity. I was originally going to make a new recipe I found for barbecue meatballs. It seemed simple enough and most importantly it was made in a slower cooker—perfect for transporting to work and warming up for lunch.

However, as it turns out if you accidently set your crockpot to high instead of low and then cook your meatballs in it over a long day of work (11 hours!) you come home to what more resemble tough meat rocks than tender meat balls.

A plan B was definitely in order. And, fortunately, I had everything at home that I needed for this tasty treat!


Quick tip: This is perfect served on its own or as a filling for cakes and cupcakes.

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  1. Carol Dressler April 16, 2018 at 7:26 pm - Reply

    What quantity of cream do you heat??

    • Aunt Betty's April 17, 2018 at 8:39 am - Reply

      Hi Carol – you should heat 1 cup of the heavy cream. Thanks for bringing this up, the instructions have been fixed now! 🙂

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