All the Delicious Flavor of a Shrimp Bake Without the Mess

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Buttery, Savory Meat and Vegetables All Wrapped Up in this New England Classic

Have you ever been to a real shrimp bake? The kind where the grill is hot, the food is spread out onto a paper tablecloth, and you don’t have to worry if juice is dripping off your chin because it’s expected? You haven’t lived until you have! But if you’re not in New England, or you don’t have friends who will let you eat your gloriously drippy meal in peace, then here’s a way to get all the delicious flavor on your own. All you need are a few basic ingredients, some foil, and a grill. This recipe is fast and easy enough to be a weeknight meal, but amazing enough to keep as a company only meal.

You start off with amazing shrimp, then add sausage, corn, and tons of other savory ingredients. The foil wrap keeps it from getting too messy, and you will be getting the closest thing to an authentic shrimp bake flavor you can get. Foil packs are quickly becoming my favorite way to make dinner, and I’m rushing to do it often before grilling season is over. Big thanks to Tiffany at La Crème de la Crumb for this recipe that I will be making many more times!


Quick tip: It may take more time, but it’s better to buy shrimp still in the shell and peel it yourself. This ensures you get a better quality of shrimp.

Recipe and image courtesy of La Crème de la Crumb

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