Your Crockpot Isn’t Just For Dinner Anymore—Use It To Make This Delicious Dessert!

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This Is The Easy & Delicious Dessert You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

My husband and I are polar opposites when it comes to dessert. He’s frequently known to utter the phrases “this is too sweet” or “I can’t handle more than a bite or two” when faced with anything more indulgent than a simple sugar cookie. I, on the other hand, have yet to meet a dessert to sweet, rich or over the top for me.

For example, my birthday cake last year was a towering s’mores cake from a local bakery stuffed with marshmallow fluff then topped with thick buttercream and dripping in chocolate ganache. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I got a cavity just looking at it. But that didn’t stop me from having a second slice!

Meanwhile my husband requests the same thing for his birthday every year—strawberry shortcake. Hold the whipped cream or ice cream.

He’s weird is what I’m saying.

Suffice to say whenever I find a new decadent recipe to try I always need to look outside my household for unbiased taste testers. And this recipe was on exception. One look at the ingredient list and my husband was already sure he’d get a stomach ache just by having it in the house with him.

Fortunately, my sister was up to the challenge.


Quick tip: You can follow the recipe for a white chocolate lave cake as well—simply use a white cake mix, white chocolate instant pudding, and a bag of white chocolate chips.

Recipe and image courtesy of Jamie Cooks It Up.

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